Monday, February 3, 2014

On the wings of change.

Yes it has been over a month since I have written. Yes this post will be a short update. Life is changing for me again. Unfortunately the details are not something I can disclose just yet, however, once I know for sure what the hell is happening. You will see this blog transform again and take a very different direction.

Many of you know me as a boutique owner and stylist, what you may or may not have noticed is the life experiences I throw into this blog every once and a while. I have made a decision to change directions, based on a very full life experienced. I guess you can say I feel as if this change is calling me. I know I have found my true path, I have never been so sure of anything. We will see if the powers that be agree, and that my friends I will not know until the end of March. So until then, I may be checking in, but most likely not so much. I am quite busy taking the time to re-invent, and figure out this new way this new path I am about to embark on, and how I can best share it with the world, mostly so this change will have a positive effect on my readers old and hopefully new. To be very truthful I am also nervous as can be. My stomach on a constant roller coaster ride.

I can tell you this, and THIS is what I love about life. As we heard over and over again during the Superbowl, best said by Russell Wilson's parents to him as a young lad, "why not you?" I think the beauty of life is no matter what our age, size, color, or race we can ask ourselves that question, "why not me?"

Yes I know this is vague but I am striving for a new dream, maybe not as new as you all might think once the decision is made and I start my transition.

As I have always wished for my customers, family, friends and readers to fly, I ask you during this time to also LET ME FLY!

Talk to you in a few months.



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why wear a dress this holiday season?

                                     The complete, "Tis the season for dresses," look book. (Follow this link).

Hi all! I am so grateful and thrilled to be doing a post for Miss Rosie on today. It is always so fun to have the honor to write a bit or bob for someone else and their fabulous blog.

I wanted to discuss dresses, glorious dresses! I know many people say "I can't wear a dress!" I say "BOOOOOOO," to that. Even if my selections in this post do not tickle your fancy there is a dress out there for everyone I promise. In my 10 years helping women get dressed I have found a dress for some of the biggest dress naysayers.

My simple rules for finding the perfect dress and feeling like a queen for the evening. Remember the holiday season is festive and fun, and what better way to celebrate then with a girly, lace, or sophisticated bit of sparkle?

My top 6 rules for finding your perfect dress.

1. Act like a queen for a day. Yes adopt an attitude of queen, superstar, flirt or whatever gets you in the mood. My rule of thumb if I am scared to try something new, "fake it till you make it." SO buckle up sister, turn on that attitude and go shop.

2. Take a trusted friend along, hire a stylist, or ask for a free personal shopper at the stores you are visiting. I know that Nordstrom, JCrew, and Anthropologie all offer this free service.

3. Find the right fit. If you do not love it in the store you will not love it when you get home. A dress should show off all the right assets. It should not be snug and whisker at the hip, and you should be able to breathe. Read rule #2 if you need help.

4. If you are a new dress shopper go to a place where there are many stores in one location, so you can easily get to different places at once. You can also hold a dress at one store while you continue your search. This also goes back to #3, do not go home with the wrong dress. Having a dozen or so shops to choose from also will help non-dress buyers figure out what you like on your frame.

5. Start slow, if you are a newbie it may be better to go with a sophisticated gray or black dress instead of hopping into fire engine red. You can always throw in your color with accessories and shoes.

6. Lastly, if you are a dress gal maybe you need a break girlie. Why not search for fun accessories this year. A sparkle shoe for your LBD's? I love to pop my neutral dresses with a big statement necklace, a pop of color clutch, or even a cool head band or sparkle pins.

Okay so "ready, set go!" I have faith in you, with these simple steps I know even the most dress phobic can find the right dress to make the season pop. As always if you have questions you can find me at I will be rooting for you, my holiday queen.



Thursday, November 28, 2013

When life throws you lemons there is still room for gratitude, and making lemonade.

                               Hawaii, shortly after our first Thanksgiving with Walker.

As I start or stay on this path of carefully reconstructing life post recession, post boutique owner, just post of everything I knew to be security. I find myself being more grateful than ever. It is no secret amongst my dearest friends what a toll the recession took on my business, and my life. However, as I build this blog and I work daily on rebuilding my life one piece at a time in a very mindful way one of the most important steps I take to building this beautiful life I want for myself and my family is a daily gratitude list.

This is a practice I started about a year ago when I hit a wall both mentally and physically. Without my daily list I would not be where I am today. I find that if I dwell on the past in a sorrow filled state I get nowhere, I end up living in a place of sadness and resentment. When I include my past experiences in my list of things that I'm grateful for, my perspective changes and I am able to fully take on each day, pick up the pieces and rebuild what I call in my mind, "Rebecca's dream house."
(A metaphor for the life I want).

So this Thanksgiving whether you have it all, you are striving for more, or you are coming back from a life low. Make your list, because wherever you are in your life path a little gratitude makes for one sweet ride. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who has laughed and cried with me, touched my life and is working to live a life of love and dreams.

My Gratitude Recipe for Thanksgiving 2013.

Every experience good or bad that has made me the person I am today*Walker* Stephen* Miles*My Mom & Dad* My whole family brothers, sister in-laws, in-laws*my new niece Izzie*my dear friends*cold crisp winter days in the Northwest*creativity*the ability to change*my brain and it's ability to keep learning*design work that is plentiful*a warm home with endless possibilities*my therapist:)*a husband that is a gourmet cook* food on the table*bills being paid*building a road to a debt free life*long walks*fuzzy funny printed socks*Homeland*Madmen*books to read*new friendships*making amends*amazing memories of past travels* dreams of new travels*laughter*egg sandwiches for weekend breakfast*champagne*new opportunities*meditation*my daily gratitude list*learning to be a better cook*my red roses that are still blooming in the back yard*being able to let go of the past*the ability to forgive*8 hours of sleep*a fantastic glass of red wine tonight*a family to celebrate the holiday with*readers*me*cuddles this morning from my son*a life worth living*today is Thanksgiving.



Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hug your way to gratitude, a guest post from Rosie.

I certainly am grateful for my fellow blogger pals that help me out with their fantastic guest posts. Things have been so busy on the work front lately, my blog has gotten, well.. a bit neglected. In the spirit of gratitude I can't complain I am in the midst of a bit of a career re-direction and much to my delight things are going so very well. I start every morning off with a gratitude list, I find that when I neglect this practice my day can take icky twists and turns. I am so thankful for Rosie's tips, and I find when we practice the art of gratitude anything is possible. Just you wait and see, as I have big changes coming in the new year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Five FRESH Ways to Express Gratitude For the Ones You love.

Thank you to Rebecca for letting me in to your world once again today, I am thankful for you! I know I feel extra grateful this time of year. I posted on my Facebook page the other day that I was watching ‘Polar Express’ with my family and it made me feel sad for all of the less fortunate community members that do not have much or sadly, enough during the holiday season. I wrote that I was going to make it a point this holiday season to give back to my community. And then the next day we had my husband’s family over for our “Thanksgiving” dinner with his side of our family. (We always do it the Sunday before Thanksgiving.) As I was cleaning up the dishes, I thought to myself, how can I express my gratitude to my friends, family, coworkers that I care for and appreciate so much? I need a fresh way to say thank you, without just saying thank you.
After some thought I came up with 6 fresh ways to express gratitude to the ones we love.

1. Record a video of yourself telling someone how much you love them and how thankful you are to have them in your life. Then email it to your loved one. A little more exciting than a card. Food! Rebecca and I have a friend, Jordan, and she is so good at this! She loves to bake and give away her scrumptious goodies to her loves ones. Knowing she spent time to make these treats make me feel so loved.

2. Show your affection. Maybe you are not a hugger or a kisser, but just do it. It feels good to have a kiss on the cheek, lips or forehead doesn’t it? Squeeze a big bear hug and hold tight longer than normal. But let’s not get weird; it’s probably not a good idea to do this to your boss. :)

3. Pay it forward. Call your Grandma, a neighbor or anyone that could use some extra help and do a good deed. Grocery shopping, yard work or housecleaning is sometimes MUCH MORE appreciated than a card or a phone call. My sister-in-law and I are cleaning my mother-in-law’s house for her birthday.

4. The gift of time. This one might not be so fresh, but it is the most important. Schedule a coffee date, play on the floor with your child or a go on a walk with your spouse. Do not bring your cell phone. Just listen, talk and spend quality time together. Let’s be grateful for the ones we have in our lives and not let time pass us by without showing our love.

5. When you feel gratitude, act on it. Make a phone call, schedule a date, or help someone out. Just do it. Let’s not talk about how grateful we are, let’s act on it. Please leave a comment and tell Rebecca and me how you are going to express gratitude to your family and friends before the end of the year.
P.S. I am launching Simply Sunday with Rosie on TacomaWorkingMom TV next month, subscribe for updates HERE!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A fairy tale visit to Luly Yang's boutique..Sometimes,life is better than a dream!

  Grand Canyon: Burnt orange organza, strapless gown with ruched bodice and draped tiered skirt.

I had the AMAZING experience to head up to Luly Yang in downtown Seattle Tuesday. What a fantastic, dreamy invite extended from Andrew, their communications and social media co-ordinator. Thanks Andrew for your time and all the lovely details about what Luly Yang "really" offers their customers. What I have to say, and then I will hand it over to Andrew, is if you want to know what an old world classic shopping experience is like. Head up to Luly Yang. I happen to know first hand what goes into the Luly Yang couture experience as I had my wedding gown designed there. I have never felt more like a princess. This shopping experience is the way shopping should be. Yes, these pieces are one of a kind, yes this is where you go for a piece that is hand made, all fabrics sourced from far off lands like Italy. Yes you pay for what you get. However, my feeling is when you can or if you can afford to go through picking out and then having custom fitted pieces made just for you. Well you found a place right in your backyard. Luly and her staff are all friendly, and knowledgeable. They also have a touch that has been lost in the world of fast fashion. Ladies, no more do you need to travel to find that first class design experience. Luly not only has her gorgeous wedding creations, she now offers demi couture and ready to wear items. The shoes are to die for! I am going to stop here and let Andrew step in and describe what Luly Yang has to offer, and if that isn't enough check out the gorgeous images. ( ALL RUNWAY IMAGES BY TEAM PHOTOGENIC)

                                        Sparkles everywhere, even in my eyes.. "in love!"