Saturday, July 6, 2013

A love letter to my little boy on his birthday

Walker, my love on your fourth birthday, July 7th 2013, which I can't believe is here. I look back at the happiness and the pure joy you bring Daddy and I each day. I tend to focus on the fact sometimes since the day I knew you were coming that "oh my gosh I want 5 of these little suckers!"

 I believe that you my special guy are worth 100! I could go on about how smart you are, how much you love numbers and bugs. You are the biggest help in the garden this year and boy can you swim. However, I would rather talk about the day you were scheduled to come and how nervous, excited, and so big and bloated I was, your Mom was big kid, but that is okay because my body gave you that happy little grin, those quick limbs, and your smart and fast wit. So who cares if I looked like mountain Baldwin I felt beautiful every day because you were coming into this world.
 Your Dad and I have been on an adventure since the day we met sometime in September of 2004 around the 13th. We have definitely taken the roller coaster approach to life, and man you have jumped right in. My boys are my two favorite people in the whole world to hang out with and this year as you grow you and Daddy golf, you fish, and you get out there with Daddy and BBQ and those moments breathe the life into my soul sweet boy. You are blessed with your Dad's quick mind, and slow and steady determination. I love watching how quickly you make friends and love people like Daddy and I both do, yet you march to your own beat. I know you will always lead that I am sure of. Sometimes you challenge me but I, as a fighter my whole life, know that this individuality will serve you well. Don't ever be a follower. I am so very proud of who I see you becoming even at a mere 4.
 This is the stupid part of being a mommy and a fashion lover. Thank you my little guy for indulging me and letting me dress you up. I wanted a healthy child 1st and foremost, however, I always wanted a boy. Everyone said, "YOU?" They wanted to know how I would ever get over not dressing up a little girl? Yet we do okay! Thanks to all the cool things you let me try, even hats, and crazy suspenders, Walker you are a trooper and handsome at that. This is where I say I could watch you sleep for hours my beautiful boy, as you are beautiful. Yet you do have Mommy's restlessness, this will lead you to do many exciting things in life if well directed. So that's why I love watching you sleep because at 4 you never stop moving it is the only time I can gaze upon the love of my life, the life that saves mine every day. We will work together as a family oh busy one and make sure that your endless energy goes to special places. Like you told me, "Mommy I want to be a diver or an astronaut!" That is what we will use your energy for, GREAT THINGS!!
 I always loved holidays and then when you came you brought a joy I have never known. Not only do I want you to always know special times like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Birthdays I want you to understand what giving means during these times for other kids and families. I see this in you, I saw this at 1 year old. You are a helper, a healer and someone that cares and gentle when it counts. I love your gentle heart keep it that way. It will bring you a great life, even if that is your greatest gift, a kind and gentle heart, a giving heart will give many gifts to others and in turn to you as well.
 Oh when will I have a clean house?? The answer is.. when it happens. You are not the neatest kiddo, we try and try I think when you have so much to do in life its kinda hard to focus on stupid things like picking up toys all the time? I don't know how but you have taught me to not sweat the small stuff, to enjoy life a whole lot more because 18,20,30, and 50 years can fly by in a wink. So I would rather spend time watching and playing with you then worrying about things like the perfect house, or a perfectly clean car. You have taught Mommy to let go. Daddy is grateful for that, I can be a little stressed sometimes. Thank god you came along.
 Best of all you are fun. I love the days we spend together. I love watching movies with you on rainy nights, even if it's Nemo for the 100th time. I love going to the park, (which I never thought I would). I love Friday nights just hanging with you and Dad in the backyard, cooking and talking about your favorite subject right now, BUGS. I could watch paint dry with you and it would be fun Walker. Don't lose the fun in your life. Mommy lost it for a while and you helped her find it and it's back baby. Thank you for that gift.
Lastly, I will say I will never forget anything about the day you were born. Although, birth plan be gone. You came into this world and I will always have this last picture in my brain. Even when I am 80. You will always be my baby boy. Thank you for so much Walker. Now 4 is a big leap buddy so enjoy your day tomorrow, laugh as loud as you can, eat up all the cake. Live your moment. My moments have forever been blessed because of you through good and bad and as I always say
"Mommy loves you so much that sometimes it feels like my heart is going to explode."
Happy 4th Birthday Walker.


Mommy & Daddy